How is The Pathfinder Hemp and Root Spirit made?


The secrets of this magical elixir are revealed through our methodical 3-step process: 1. the fermentation, and 2. distillation of naturally harvested hempseed, before 3. the condensed liquid then undergoes a marvelous transfiguration through a process that we lovingly call alchemy, that dates back to the apothecaries and medicinal elixirs of the 1830s; a maceration with our distinct bouquet of herbs and botanicals, and the final harmonious marriage of distillates, extracts, and tinctures, that creates the alluring liquid you have before you. Learn more about our process here.


How is The Pathfinder fermented and distilled without yielding an alcoholic product? 


Our hempseed is fermented using highly selected strains of yeast to keep alcohol levels to a minimum while developing a unique array of flavors that bring additional dimension and complexity to The Pathfinder. The fermented hempseed is then masterfully distilled to further concentrate the complexity and character of the refined liquid while yielding a resultant alcohol no higher than 0.5% abv (or: no more than your average banana).


The Pathfinder has such a distinct look, feel, and taste – what is the inspiration behind it all?


The Pathfinder Hemp & Root Spirit took its inspiration from the golden age of hemp (starting in the late 1830s when physicians started to prescribe hemp-derived concoctions for all sorts of maladies and afflictions, from muscle cramps to hysteria and everything in between) and the age-old apothecarial elixirs that were made with it.


Isn’t hemp the same thing as ‘weed’? How is this made from fermented hemp without containing any CBD or THC?


The Pathfinder is made from hempseed that is carefully selected to ensure that there is no presence of cannabinoids before it undergoes the fermentation and distillation processes.


So, no CBD or THC, are there any other benefits of using hemp or hempseed?


Flavor! Flavor! Flavor!


Above all else, the number one reason why The Pathfinder is made from a base of fermented and distilled hempseed is because it provides the perfect foundation for the rich tapestry of Northwest botanicals, and is fundamental to the depth, complexity and lush mouthfeel of this magical elixir.


Secondary benefits of hempseed include a rich profile of nutrients like omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, nutritional antioxidants and a robust dose of B vitamins and vitamin D.


What is a botanical spirit? Is this like some sort of Non-Alcoholic Gin?


‘Botanical spirits’ is an umbrella term for spirits like gin, absinthe, aquavit, as well as the vast world of amari, that get the majority of their flavor and identity from roots, barks, herbs, and spices.


The ingredients in these fine spirits are carefully chosen by their creators to deliver the best possible flavor combinations – and the Pathfinder was created with that precise aim – not to imitate anything that you might find in the world of alcoholic spirits, but to create a distinct liquid, born of the Pacific Northwest, and crafted to rival the complexity, flavor, and satisfaction delivered by the best beverages ever made.


What is the best way to enjoy The Pathfinder?


In drinks as in life, there is no ‘best’ way, but if this is your first time trying The Pathfinder, we strongly recommend that you first taste it unadulterated, by itself, perhaps while listening to a favorite song, or ruminating on the mysteries of life. Our team took great care and consideration in crafting this delectable concoction and we believe strongly that you should give it a sip to reveal the multitudinous layers of flavors that lie within - and that it will immediately speak to you with an array of flavor possibilities and cocktail preparations.


One of our very favorite cocktail preparations - and one that is, crucially, astonishingly easy to make at home - is the Pathfinder Spritz, which is a great first stop on your Pathfinder mixing journey.


Once you get a handle on the full range of flavor, and are looking to explore even more flavor possibilities, have a look at some of our other favorite cocktail recommendations.


The Pathfinder is a ‘Non-Alcoholic Spirit’ does that mean that it should never be mixed with alcohol?


Quite the contrary! While the Pathfinder offers tremendous non-alcoholic flavor possibilities and the opportunity to Destroy Bad Vibes and fight the flavorless monotony of insipid pretenders, or sugary neon ‘mocktails’ when you fancy a night off, The Pathfinder was created to be able to compete with the best beverage offerings ever bottled, not simply to excel as a ‘non-alcoholic spirit’, and in fact one of the best uses of The Pathfinder is that it makes your favorite alc-drinks shine.


The Pathfinder is a great option to explore mindful drinking trends, offering a delicious - and simple - way to modulate your favorite cocktails to half-strength or lower, while still offering incredible depth, complexity, and thoughtfulness - the very same things that make cocktails so alluring, but decidedly more sessionable.


Fans of citrusy, shaken, zesty, and fun? Split your tequila with The Pathfinder in equal measure on your next batch of margaritas for a drink with a fresh new perspective and new layers of flavor.


Or try it as a modifier in classic tiki recipes - subbing it in for a measure of rum, or a spiced liqueur, in a way that will make your zombie make you feel less like the cocktail’s famed namesake while still retaining its potent zeal and piquancy.


Fans of stirred, robust, or bitter - The Pathfinder can plug in equally well as a base spirit, vermouth, amaro, or modifier in almost any stirred classic.


Negroni lovers rejoice! With The Pathfinder Negroni you can now have a Negroni Evening rather than just a Negroni Hour with a much lower risk of an early bedtime!


Whiskey more your speed? Sub half a measure of your favorite bourbon for The Pathfinder in your next old fashioned and be in awe of the flavor possibilities - and of how much better you’ll feel in the morning 😊.


Does the bottle need to be refrigerated after I open it?


It does not, but if you fancy a cold dram of The Pathfinder after a long day, you may benefit from keeping it chilled. Otherwise, situate it proudly on your home bar cart at room temperature for up to 6 months after opening.

by QCM Pathfinder

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