How is The Pathfinder Hemp and Root Spirit made?

This drink was meticulously prepared using our methodical 3-step process of fermentation, distillation, and finally, the magic of blending distinct botanical ingredients known as alchemy. Learn more about our process here.

What inspired the recipe?

The Pathfinder Hemp & Root Spirit took its inspiration from the golden age of hemp cultivation in America, as well as the age-old apothecarial elixirs that were made with hemp before it was banned.

What are the effects of hemp?

The miraculous hemp plant has no psychoactive effects, and contains enough Vitamin E, antioxidants, and omega fats to go favorably hand-in-hand with a balanced diet.

What’s the best way to enjoy The Pathfinder?

If it’s your first time trying The Pathfinder, sample it neat, and then whip yourself up a Pathfinder Spritz. Once you get a handle on the full range of flavor, try another one of our superlative cocktail recommendations.

What’s a botanical spirit?

‘Botanical spirits’ is an umbrella term for spirits like gin, absinthe, aquavit, and many more known throughout the world, that are composed of plant-based ingredients made from roots, barks, herbs, and spices. The ingredients in these fine spirits are carefully chosen by their creators to give drinkers the best and most unique flavor possible, which was our precise aim for The Pathfinder.

How did you make a spirit without alcohol?

We removed the alcohol (Many thanks to the advancements of modern science!) so that our drinkers could enjoy all the flavor of the spirit with none of the drawbacks.

Can I mix The Pathfinder Hemp & Root with alcohol?

Absolutely! Try our Negroni recipe, or substitute The Pathfinder in for vermouth or amaro in one of your favorite classic cocktail recipes, for an attention-grabbing lower-alcohol alternative.

Does the bottle need to be refrigerated after I open it?

It does not, but if you fancy a cold dram of The Pathfinder after a long day, you may benefit from keeping it chilled. Otherwise, situate it proudly on your home bar cart at room temperature for up to 3 months after opening.