Black and white American west photographs of bootleggers and a hemp farmer

Auspicious Origins

The Pathfinder is steeped in the rich history of the American West, with a liquid that is just as wild as the landscape and the people that inhabited it. Inspired by the age of apothecaries and the homemade remedies often employed by pioneers, homesteaders and snake oil salesmen alike, Hemp & Root equally hearkens to a bygone age as it raises the standard of flavor and quality in non-alchoholic spirits with an eye to the future.

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How is The Pathfinder Hemp and Root Spirit made? This drink was meticulously prepared using our methodical 3-step process of fermentation, distillation, and finally, the magic of blending distinct botanical ingredients known as alchemy. Learn more about our process here. What inspired the recipe? The Pathfinder Hemp & Root Spirit took its inspiration from the golden age of hemp cultivation in America, as well as the age-old apothecarial elixirs that were made with hemp before it was banned. What are the effects of hemp? The miraculous hemp plant has no psychoactive effects, and contains enough Vitamin E, antioxidants, and omega...

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