Cold Brew Old Fashioned cocktail in a tumbler next to an ashtray


1 ½ oz The Pathfinder Hemp & Root Spirit
1 ½ oz cold brew coffee concentrate
4 dashes aromatic bitters
Orange peel garnish
Serve on the rocks in an Old Fashioned glass

Bottle of The Pathfinder spirit next to a tumbler of the Pathfinder and Coldbrew cocktail


1 ½ oz The Pathfinder Hemp & Root Spirit
6 oz cold brew coffee
Cream and sugar to taste
Serve over rocks in a mug or drinking glass

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This ingenious spirit is fermented from hemp and carefully refined by copper pot distillation. The base liquid is then blended with an alchemy of wormwood, angelica root, ginger, sage, juniper, saffron, orange peel and wild-crafted Douglas-fir, as well as natural terpenes, to yield a revolutionary spirit of both character and complexity.